Contractor Bond Programs

Standard Programs
Standard bond programs are available to contractors who can provide the necessary background data and successfully qualify to establish on open available bond line of credit. We establish your bond program with a single contract bonding limit along with an aggregate limit to accommodate your total contracted work on hand.

Merit Programs
Our merit bond programs are similar to the standard program. However discounted rates or dividends are available to the most credit worthy customers who have maintained outstanding credit, established a very strong financial base, and demonstrated excellence in their field of expertise.

Express Programs
We have available many short form applications where we can obtain bond approval up to $500,000 within a 24 – 48 hour period. Most of these programs are heavily weighted on the principal owner’s personal credit worthiness. If you have small and infrequent bond needs, perhaps this type of program is the answer for you. Call us to learn more.

SBA Program
Freedom Bonding is one of the most active bond agencies in the country providing SBA surety bond guarantees. We have in depth experience in working with the SBA and bond companies to provide surety solutions. When you are declined surety credit in the other programs, the SBA is often times willing to assist. We offer the same expert service to help emerging businesses, women own business, minority business and other disadvantaged business enterprises.